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About Dillon

Dillon Moran for Commissioner of Accounts. With a chemical engineering degree from Clarkson University, Dillon has over 25 years of business experience managing money, people and projects. He is also a partner in several successful local businesses that have contributed significantly to the success of our local economy.  He wants to continue the tradition of excellence long-time Commissioner John Franck has brought to the office. Dillon's ability to take on new challenges without reservation, gives him the ability to create innovative approaches to the issues facing Saratoga Springs.

Dillon's experience in risk assessment, management and mitigation gives him the skills we need. He understands the scope of the office and his first priority will be creating new avenues of communications between Accounts and the other offices--public works, finance, public safety and the Mayor--to better serve our community.



  • Our assessment rolls have remained stable for the last 16 years. I have no intention of doing a reassessment that would only benefit local developers and not our homeowners.

  •  With the pandemic still looming large over our community, our homeowners deserve a stable property assessment which will not change during this unstable time. No reassessments means people will not have the burden of increased property taxes at a time when jobs and stability are still question marks for many of our homeowners.

  •  Our past reassessment experiences have not been good for homeowners. When it was done under Republican administrations in 1999 and 2003, there was a large tax burden shift from commercial to residential property owners. We saw the heartbreak of multi-generational families being forced from their homes because they could no longer afford the property taxes. We cannot let that happen again.

  •  Reassessment would be a burden on all taxpayers because it will cost the city at least $1,000,000 to conduct. The last time we reassessed, the lawsuits challenging the results cost the Saratoga Springs taxpayers $6,000,000. It’s not worth the cost to just give developers a tax break at the expense of homeowners.  

Risk Management:
  • I am a professionally trained risk manager and engineer. My expertise will bring a fresh perspective to the Commissioner of Accounts office. Saratoga Springs has severely aging infrastructure that can no longer be ignored. We must develop plans that will fix these issues and allow for the future of Saratoga Springs’ infrastructure to be solid and stable.

  •  We all know the city has water issues—some do not have clean drinking water, others suffer because their water pressure is inconsistent. Water pressure issues are also public safety issues. We need to fix our water system so that fire fighters can protect our homes when fires break out. We also need to make sure our storm water systems can deal with the reality of climate change and environmental challenges to keep us all safe.

 Business Licensure:
  • I am a local business owner. I understand the importance of making Saratoga Springs an easier place to do business. Our small businesses define a large part of our community identity and provide approximately 25% of the city’s annual budget revenue.

  • I am proud to have helped our present Commissioner of Accounts, John Franck, create our expanded outdoor dining program. I know many of our businesses would not have survived the economics of the pandemic without the ability to expand their footprint outside of their 4 walls.

  • I am calling for a 3-year expansion of the outdoor dining program so that businesses can count on and invest in the program. We are far from done with COVID and need to provide our local businesses every opportunity to be safe and successful.

  • To that end, I work with my colleagues on the City Council to introduce limited road closures during peak dining periods—Thursday-Saturday, 7 p.m. to 12 midnight. The road closures will improve restaurant operations, provide a broader promenade for pedestrians and give people another reason to come to Saratoga Springs. I will also improve the annual renewal process—we’ll take it online from the present paperwork process.

And, Dillon will also focus on:​
  • Streamline the process for attaining licenses needed to operate businesses in the city

  • Create new opportunities to encourage the development of homes and affordable housing while reducing condo development

  • Create safe pedestrian walkways and expanded commercial opportunities during peak season through innovative licensing and temporary road closures

  • Minimize costs to taxpayers through long term planning 

  • Modernize the City Clerk's functions





Elect Dillon Moran

177 Lake Avenue

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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