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Dillon Moran for Commissioner of Public Works. With a chemical engineering degree from Clarkson University, Dillon has worked in the water treatment industry for more than 25 years. He is also a partner in several successful local businesses that have contributed significantly to the success of our local economy.  He believes the DPW operation is ripe for improvements, saying it’s imperative that the City’s water infrastructure receive more attention. “The current administration’s reactive nature is inadequate for the infrastructure needs of our historic community. A forward looking, preventative program will save the city money as it costs 6x more to fix breaks than it does to prevent them.”  In addition, the issue of water quality will be a significant area of focus as we have recently had a DOH reportable issue due to the over use of chlorine. He favors relocating the City DPW garage that is now near Division Street School, to a location more appropriate for the heavy truck traffic. With long-term planning Dillon says that the City will save money and provide increased services in areas such as street paving by evaluating the cost of using vendors vs the City’s DPW workers.  “I will engage the community as a partner in studying costs and benefits, ranking priorities and developing plans,” Dillon said.



  • ensuring safe and clean drinking water for all city residents

  • improving the quality of the city’s sidewalks and roads

  • minimize costs to taxpayers through long term planning of city’s infrastructure maintenance

  • will not abuse department resources

  • will not allow politics to impact official decision making

  • will not burden city taxpayers with corporate welfare handouts







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